Energy Audit

Home and Commercial Energy Audits 


What sets us apart from most auditors is the time we spend getting to know both you and your home or office building. We are BPI (Building Performance Industry) trained Building Analysts. We view your living/working space, your building and its appliances, and your lifestyle as a holistic system to accurately analyze the unique energy profile of your home or business. We use that deep analysis to create a targeted, prioritized report that acts as a blueprint for energy efficient upgrades and repairs, focusing first and foremost on low-hanging fruit (i.e. least cost with highest payback). The report's recommendations provide a clear road map to accomplish one or all of the following:

1. Lower energy costs

2. Lower carbon footprint

3. Increase home comfort and safety

While we're onsite, we look deeply into your building's structure to find opportunities for upgrades and repairs that will increase the efficiency and performance. We have extensive knowledge with how buildings of all shapes and types are constructed and can therefore target the areas needing attention with accuracy. Auditors who do not have this extensive building knowledge cannot provide a complete assessment of your building. Our thorough, on-premises analysis provides a thorough picture of the repairs, upgrades, and replacements necessary to get the most efficiency from your residence or business. Average savings for most clients is 25%. In some cases though, clients can save up to 50% by simply following the recommendations in the report. To see a short list of the things we look at while we inspect your building, click here.



We know that any good energy audit must include occupant behavior consulting. You simply cannot buy your way to an energy-efficient home and lifestyle. This final component of the audit is what sets us apart from the others. Successful energy efficiency and literacy begins with education. Without knowing the intricacies and interrelatedness of all factors of energy it is impossible to fully embody the processes necessary to not only reduce your energy bills, but also to guide others along the path of sustainability to enable our global society to recover from the disastrous effects we've put upon our environment due to energy over-consumption. We enable positive, beneficial actions that homeowners can take now and in the future to reduce energy and resource wasting and to reinforce long-term energy saving behavior that will last for our future generations.


Our customers are always pleased. And we know you will also be pleased with how much energy can be saved by simply tweaking a building's infrastructure in the straightforward and targeted manner outlined in the report. We also know you will rest more easily knowing you have taken the steps to reduce your carbon footprint. And we know that after you have used our services, you will want to refer us to your friends, family, and co-workers. This is why we offer a 10% referral fee ($20 or $40, depending on the service purchased) just for referring us! Your word or mouth is valuable!We want to help with getting you to energy efficiency and independence! To set up a energy audit for your home or business, enabling you to save up to 50% on your utility bills and to reduce your waste significantly, fill out the form below. Or if you would like some consulting as to how to accomplish solar electric, hot water, or hot air, wind, hydro, or sustainable living, just fill out the following form and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.


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