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We're an eco-conscious, ethical, energy consultation and solutions group for the Colorado Plateau and the Pacific Northwest (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado / Oregon, Idaho, and Washington).


We employ a holistic, ecologically-friendly approach to solving energy waste issues, enabling the use of renewable energy resources in an affordable and thorough methodology.


In the existing residential and commercial market, we focus on the optimization of energy conservation by simple and proven methods such as airflow and insulation. In the new building markets, we assist with the design and development of buildings which optimize energy efficiency and use renewable and optimal resources for the construction process. In both areas, we further the process by providing consultation and implementation of renewable energy sources including solar - thermal and photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine, and small scale hydroelectric.


If you are thinking of going "off-grid" (completely self-sufficient) or "grid-connected" (able to feed electricity back into the grid), or are interested in independence, a life of simplicity, of self-sufficiency, or sustainability, please give us a call to get the process underway.


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Useful energy saving tip

“Every dollar spent making houses more airtight is worth 10 times as much as every dollar spent on adding more insulation to the house.”


Harold Orr, 1979