Audit First

Want us to sell you solar, wind, or hydro-electric products?


Unless you've received a home or commercial energy audit from us or a qualified service group, we won't do it. Sorry    :(


Why? It's because at the heart of our business, we care about the environment, we honestly do. We also don't want you to waste your money purchasing products for creating energy to power an energy inefficient home or business. By doing so, you are not maximizing the benefit to the environment. Simple steps lead to amazing results that you can be proud of, knowing you are part of the solution, removing yourself from the problem.

Did you know that 95% of all homes and 60% of all businesses can decrease their energy needs by 20% - 50% by performing some basic procedures that cost less than $1000? It's true! So before we sell you any products for creating your own renewable energy to power your home or commercial building, we first require you take some preliminary steps to ensure it is conserving energy efficiently. Failing to do so is like throwing money into the fire for warmth and that warmth going right up the chimney. We don't want you to do that.


The first step to implementing renewable energy sources is to assess if your building is energy efficient. We call this an energy audit and is performed by a trained professional using instruments designed to detect leakage and innefficiency. At the end of this audit, you will receive a full report detailing the problems and resolution steps recommended in order of importance.

Rarely do we recommend replacing all of your windows! Fortunately, it's usually much more affordable than that and takes basic steps and very little money to save you significant amounts on your energy bills within the same year. The industry standard when it comes to this procedure is every dollar spent for energy efficiency equals four dollars in savings. Who wouldn't do that? 

To read more details about our energy auditing process, follow this link.

If you have already had an energy audit and have performed all of the high-priority items for optimizing your energy consumption, you are then ready to proceed with the installation of these products (where applicable). We have relationships with many reputable dealers. Call for a free over-the-phone assessment of your needs and we'll pass your information on to the best match. 505-216-6119 in New Mexico and 425-359-4081 in Washington State.