Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

 "You saved us $3,000 per year!!! And this is after the builder, the plumber, the architect, and the well technician were stumped for years. Then you came along and within a couple of hours discovered the problem! Not only that, you also provided very inexpensive solutions to resolve the problems and immediately we were saving tons of money! Thank you!"

    Andrew R., Santa Fe, NM


"I followed your audit recommendations, they were very valuable and not that difficult to implement. One of the most noticeable changes were associated to changing the recessed lights with the new LED retrofits; my office and the kitchen area maintain the heat much more than before."

    Isabel M., Santa Fe, NM


"Thanks for doing such a thorough review of our house and providing a very detailed report. Your ideas will enable us to make a few more changes which will help save more energy and money. Thanks also for your kind words about our efforts so far. It's good for us to know that we are on the right track and that we have made good decisions concerning energy conservation and environmental management."

    Martha F., Santa Fe, NM


"Over the past 10 years I've had three building inspectors look at the house. And then you come along and within 15 minutes discovered that all of my return air duct systems are completely open to the crawlspace: the reason for our respiratory issues, the reason for our outrageous gas and electric bills, the reason why it's so hard to keep our house warm in the winter. And your discovery of how inefficient our hot water heater is and your identification of the carbon monoxide risks involved with that water heater closet was key to us in taking action, particularly when we've got a baby being born in just two month. Thanks so much for your expertise!"


    Steve B., Santa Fe, NM


"Any improvements we make to the buildings will ultimately benefit our tenants (via reduced utility bills) plus it's just the right thing to do for the environment. So this is why it was so important that you evaluated the feasibility of solar or any other appropriate renewable technology as a means of reducing our carbon footprint and helping out our tenant's pocketbook. Your report steered us in the right direction."


    Andy J., Santa Fe, NM


"If you hadn't discovered my leaky (and missing) ducts, I would have gone for many years more paying 30% more than what I needed to heat my home. Excellent work!"


    Keith K., Santa Fe, NM


"Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to get the new energy bill and see the savings. We will follow your advice diligently. My husband has already replaced the halogens in his office and some in the kitchen with LEDs as you recommended. I will also recommend you to an architect friend of and send your evaluation to the plumber!!! Hopefully future disasters (like the one you identified) can be avoided this way."


    Iris L, Santa Fe, NM


"Thanks to your excellent investigative skills and detailed report, we're using 25% less electricity and 20% less gas than last year. The payback for your services paid for itself within six months. And now, we put those savings into renewable energies and feel great about it!"


    Andreas K., Santa Fe, NM


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